The Baby Bump Grows

I would like to say that we have everything ready for the baby to come, but we are far from READY!  If you don't follow me on instagram you don't get the weekly baby bump updates... but the weeks seem to be flying by and soon enough we are going to have our baby boy!

We are just a little EXCITED
We can't wait to be PARENTS
We can't wait to hold our BABY BOY

From Top to Bottom - 26 weeks to 31 weeks


oh how I miss you

There are so many wonderful things about being pregnant... ha ha, yeah right! Ok, ok... there are a few things that are beyond amazing and I try to love everyday and what it brings, because I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to carry a baby.

But man are there some things I really miss ---- I keep telling my husband can you believe in 3 months we'll be able to do this, or I'll be able to eat this, or our lives will be a million times different! ---- For now, I'm missing a few things.

I miss eating real sushi, wearing normal jeans, being able to stay up later than 9:00 pm and of course playing soccer!


Wedding Photos - Sarah Knight Photography

Check out the lovely Sarah Knight Photography's website to see her beautiful post on our wedding!  Can I just say WOW - she captured the day in alls essence and tells the story perfectly.  I love it and thank her a million times over for creating memories that will last forever!!



I'm slightly obsessed with Baby Boy clothes! 
For good reason... this little guy is going to be so much fun to shop for.
You can see all my pins here.

Baby Boy's are fun to shop for! Maybe I just love shopping!


Quick Weekend Trip - Gilbert, AZ

Recently Jon's brothers family moved to sunny AZ. I was definitely not jealous at first... but after this past weekend and not being in snowy UT I decided there is something small to be desired there. We had a huge order for Taddle Tell that we are creating for Rue La La ---- so I took a quick fast trip out there and we worked worked and worked!

I loved seeing my little friends though, sure do miss that cute family!

All tile floors + bouncy balls entertained the kids for HOURS

Megs and I in front of their cactus - she told me in a fight the cactus ALWAYS wins, so true

Spencer, Dani and Spiderman of course



Epcot was my favorite stop! I DREAM of traveling the world and this confirmed how much I want to do this. I can't wait for that day.

Highlights of Epcot

Morocco [obsessed with the patterns, food, EVERYTHING]
China [Anissa speaking Chinese with all the workers]
London [the pub]
THE FOOD - we tried lots of yummy food here
The baby loved Soarin' California, he kicked the entire ride

EPCOT - this place was great